The BOLD Empathy Project

000 Welcome to The BOLD Empathy Project

May 18, 2021 BOLD Empathy Episode 0
The BOLD Empathy Project
000 Welcome to The BOLD Empathy Project
Show Notes

What is the biggest obstacle you are facing right now? What about your employees, family, or friends?

You can be the catalyst to help others achieve greater success. BOLD Empathy is the framework that guides consistent, positive results for leaders, parents, business owners, teachers, counselors, salespeople, and others in positions of trust and authority.

The BOLD Empathy Project is bringing this framework to the world to enhance relationships, boost businesses, drive innovation, close more sales, eradicate conflict, and accelerate connections between people, ideas, and resources.


0:00 Introduction

2:11 The Foundation: Comes Down to Two Things | Eradicate Conflict & Accelerate Connection

2:41 Examples of Conflict and Connection: Application in Misunderstandings, Sales, and Hiring

5:06 Empathy is a Way of Living

5:27 BOLD Empathy Gives the ‘How’ | 3 Principles, 3 Practices, and 3 Tools - Simple and Specific

6:03 How BOLD Empathy Works | And the Half-Truth We’ve All Been Led to Believe

7:40 One of the 3 Principles: Step Into Other People’s Worlds and Stay There

9:45 Examples of How the BOLD Empathy Framework Has Been Applied Over the Decades

12:58 Vision of the BOLD Empathy Project

14:09 First Step: Subscribe to This Podcast (Nothing to Buy)

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